Goli Soda

The Thirst Quenchers

Redefining the way India drinks

Remember the refreshing Coconut Water that brought you back to life on a hot summer day & the rich Kesar-Badam milk that has been the best beverage for every meal since forever?
Well, that’s where we step in.We want to redefine the way India thinks...and drinks.

Whether it’s a plate of Biryani, or a slice of Pizza, we opt for a beverage that is unhealthy.This isn’t because we’re out of options but because corporates have slowly but steadily taken control of our actions with marketing gimmicks.

We’re the same old Goli Soda you’ve known of all through your childhood. The only difference being, we deliver to your doorstep and we’re hygienic.

Let’s show the world how well Kokum Soda can go with Goan Rava Fish. Or, how delicious Arabian Pulpy Grape Juice can taste with a Shawarma, shall we?

Cheers! Let’s drink to that!

Why Goli Soda?

Our Beverages are made with

No Added Preservatives

No Pasteurization

Street Vendors Vs. All other packaged beverages Vs. Goli Soda

Street Vendors Other Packaged Goli Soda
Hygiene No Yes Yes
Chilled condition No May be Yes
Ease of carrying No Yes Yes
Pasteurised No Yes No
Preservatives No May be No
Will you be sure how much water in the nut No Yes Yes
Taste consistency No Yes Yes
Nutrition 100% Only in parts 100%
Shelf life 1 day 6 to 12 months 14 days